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I haven’t been a photographer for most of my working life and I often tell people that if I could have my life over I would start taking pictures much earlier and take my camera with me wherever I go.269

My passion for photography started the day I bought my first SLR film camera back in the late 90’s. Having grown up in South Africa, it’s no wonder that wildlife photography was something that fascinated me. My wife Hendriette and I would spend weeks at a time in the Kruger National Park trying to capture moments in time that you only see in wildlife magazines. We have always been a great team.

In 2010, Hendriette and I moved to Turkey and started sailing the wonderful Mediterranean Sea. Every island we visited had its own energy and with it, its own tastes and foods that made them completely unique. During our travels I’ve explored many areas of photography including landscape, portrait and nature, but nothing has grabbed my attention as much as food photography.


IMG_6388 It all started the day my friend Ruan, owner of the PieKing in Didim, asked me to take photos of his shop’s pies. Having had little experience in this field I researched as much as I could about food photography in preparation for the shoot. The more I read, the more I wanted to learn and the more I learnt, the more aware I became with all the food photos around me. It was fascinating.

I looked at the best of the best restaurant chains and their photos. I also looked at smaller one-man restaurants and their photos. What I learnt was that a great photo makes a massive contribution towards what your customers choose when they order from the menu. It really is true that you eat first with your eyes, then with your nose and then with your mouth.

After the PieKing shoot, we decided to further our education through some formal training completed several courses in food photography and food styling (see Accreditation below). During our studies we set up a couple of photo shoots at our home to practice and find a working rhythm that suited the both of us. And to be honest, Hendriette is the real reason why our photographs look great. She spends hours preparing and planning every detail meticulously.249

We now have studios in both Turkey and South Africa so that we can live our passion for food styling and food photography wherever we are.


Photography Diploma The Photography Institute (USA)

Professional Photography Diploma Shaw Academy (Ireland)

Off-camera flash photography Neil van Niekerk (RSA)

Food Photography – From plate to photo Andrew Scrivani (New York Times Photographer, USA)

Tricks of the trade – Photographing Liquids Chris Grey (USA)

Story on a plate – Food photography and styling Todd Porter and Diane Cu (USA)

Lightroom The Complete Guide – Creative Live Studios – Ben Willmore (USA)

Lightroom Mastery – Creative Live Studios – Ben Willmore (USA)

Lightroom Mastery – Digital Photography School (UK)

Speedlight Photography – Creative Live Studios – Mike Fulton (USA)

Studio Photography – Creative Live Studios – Tony Corbell (USA)

Posing 101 – Creative Live Studios – Lindsay Sadler (USA)